Keep your shower looking new with a free protective coating from The Glass Man!

Shower care image

Preserve the beauty of your new shower enclosure from ugly mineral water spotting, limescale buildup and bacteria. The Glass Man offers two products to ensure that your shower glass remains as clean and shiny as the day it was installed.

Free Dri & Wash

The Glass Man offers a bottle of Dri & Wash to all of its customers for no charge. This product is a liquid solution that needs to be applied on an annual basis. This free offer is unique to the Glass Man.


ClearShield is a hands-free maintenance solution. It is a completely different type of glass manufactured with a resin infused into the pores of the glass converting it to a smooth, easy-to-clean piece of shower glass. This technology permanently seals the glass surface for a shower that stays beautiful with just a minimal amount of cleaning. Clearshield eliminates the need for annual maintenance and comes with a 10 year warranty. The added cost for this product generally runs $100-$250 per shower enclosure.